Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lew's Latest

Lew explains how environmentalists kill thousands of African children every year.

Let there be no doubt that the war on malaria has failed. It is estimated that 800,000 children in Africa die from the disease every year, and as many as three million people altogether every year.

We know how people contract it: from mosquitoes. We know how to control it: kill the carrier mosquitoes. And we know what kills them: DDT.

So why has the war on malaria failed? Because governments banned the cure. Now they claim to wonder why people are sick and dying...

The politics of the environmentalists are increasingly predictable and obvious. They oppose all forms of capitalistic innovation. Indeed, they represent a special kind of danger to the human race that socialism never did. At least the socialists favored human progress, or at least said they did. These greens are against all that. They claim that we should be happy to live amidst disease, filth, and death, if only the bugs and birds can be left alone to thrive and kill us.

Building 7, Again

Watch Larry Silverstein, owner of WTC7, say, “I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it; and they made that decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse.”

It takes many weeks of planning and preparation by a team of highly trained experts to bring down a structure the size of Building 7. The first step is to locate a qualified organization. Their number is small, and it is not likely that the New York Fire Department is one of them. After negotiating a contract, the engineers have to obtain master blueprints and identify the main structural components. They must analyze the building materials, the thickness of load-bearing beams, the weight that rests upon them, the space between them, where the access points are to place charges, how intense the charges must be, in what timing sequence they must be ignited. A computerized firing system must be programmed to deliver the precisely timed firing impulses. Then the charges must be obtained from a storage depot in a remote location away from urban areas. Technicians must gain access to the beams and, in many cases, hack their way through walls to get to them. Safety procedures are followed to insure that all technicians are clear of the area before implosion is triggered.

This is just a sampling of what must be done before a building like Number 7 can be pulled, and it normally takes many weeks or even months to do it. Yet, the elapsed time between Mr. Silverstein's decision to “pull” the building and the final collapse was 45 minutes!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

IRS Refund!

After 108 years, a temporary wartime tax left over from the Spanish-American War has been declared illegal by several Federal courts, including the U.S. Court of Appeals Eleventh Circuit Court.

It's the telegraph tax.

It was extended to peacetime America. It was also extended to the telephone.

Don't you just love the tax system?

It's worth $15 billion to taxpayers -- if they all file for their refunds. They won't, of course.

The IRS ignored eleven court decisions against them. Finally, with number 12, they capitulated.

Quote of the Day

Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people. Let us dare to read, think, speak and write." - John Adams, August 1765

Monday, June 26, 2006

Evil Corporations?

What most people do not realize is that they behave exactly like "evil" corporations.

Who wants to pay more than they have to for anything? These defenders of poverty ask corporations to make decisions that no one would make on their own.

The Minimum Wage

Just another government boner. Why not just raise it to $10,000 an hour? The following is from Murray N. Rothbard.

In truth, there is only one way to regard a minimum wage law: it is compulsory unemployment, period. The law says: it is illegal, and therefore criminal, for anyone to hire anyone else below the level of X dollars an hour. This means, plainly and simply, that a large number of free and voluntary wage contracts are now outlawed and hence that there will be a large amount of unemployment. Remember that the minimum wage law provides no jobs; it only outlaws them; and outlawed jobs are the inevitable result.

It is obvious that the minimum wage advocates do not pursue their own logic, because if they push it to such heights, virtually the entire labor force will be disemployed. In short, you can have as much unemployment as you want, simply by pushing the legally minimum wage high enough.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


That's all there is to it. He must go. I blame him far more than I blame the players. What a huge disappointment. One goal in 3 games, wtf? Where was Eddie Johnson? Why play only one striker? Why didn't Taylor Twellman make the team? Why were the players totally unmotivated? I could go on forever.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Russo Interview

"Shortly after I made the pilot, I was approached by one of the younger members of the Rockefeller family," he told The New American. "He seemed to think that I had some potential and was offering to mentor me. He even discussed with me the possibility of arranging an invitation for me to join the Council on Foreign Relations. And he seemed to be very interested in my views about a number of subjects I hadn't really given much thought to." One specific subject of interest was the feminist movement.

"[The Rockefeller family member] asked me what I thought of the 'women's movement,' and I told him that I support equal opportunity," Russo continues. "He looked at me and said, 'You know, you're such an idiot in some ways. We' - meaning the people he works with - 'created the women's movement, and we promote it. And it's not about equal opportunity. It's designed to get both parents out of the home and into the workforce, where they will pay taxes. And then we can decide how the children will be raised and educated.' That's how they control society - by removing the parents from the home and then raising the children as the elitists see fit."

Russo recalls conversations in 2000 with his Rockefeller acquaintance that, in hindsight, seemed to portend 9/11 and its aftermath.

"About a year before 9/11, this guy was telling me that there would be 'an event' in this country that would change it dramatically," declares Russo. "He was predicting a war in Afghanistan and in the Middle East to control the region's energy reserves, and at some points he was actually laughing about it."

"I know how evil these people are," Russo said grimly.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Balanced Greens Plus+ with MSM

If you're in to supplements, you might want to give this one a try. I haven't tried it yet, but I ordered a bottle b/c they're giving it away for free. Actually it's $9.95 for S&H, but still not bad.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Money Wars

An Undeclared War is being waged against your money, wealth, stock, bonds, and physical assets. The war is being fought with disinformation, easy credit, deficit spending, questionable accounting and the primary weapon: fiat currency. The deficits that have occurred since 9/11, about 2 trillion USD, represent roughly 25% percent of all dollar denominated Federal debt since the country began accounting for debt. This deficit financing is the proximate cause of the inflation that wreaks such financial havoc on individual investors over the long run.

The "War on Terror" has now lasted longer than World War II. It will soon have lasted longer than American involvement in both World Wars as active combatants. If we look at it from another perspective it is just another big government program that is actually a war on the taxpayer. The inevitable casualties will be your wealth, your lifetime savings and with those possibly your future.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Building 7

Building 7, the conspiracy theorist's dream-come-true. You remember, the building that wasn't hit by a plane, but went down anyway. Nobody died, probably because everybody was evacuated before the implosion. You gotta see the following from

Consider the facts:
  • The fires in WTC 7 were not evenly distributed, so a perfect collapse was impossible.
  • Firemen anticipated the building's collapse (even though fire had never brought down a fire-protected steel building prior to 9/11).
  • Silverstein said of the building "the smartest thing to do is pull it."
  • WTC 7 subsequently collapsed perfectly into its footprint at freefall speed.
  • Molten steel and partially evaporated steel members were found in the debris.

When you add to the above the fact that Madrid's Windsor Building remained standing after an 18+ hour 800°C fire there can be only one conclusion as to what happened to WTC 7: it was demolished.

The fires in WTC 7 were supposedly started by the collapse of WTC 1 meaning there would have been no time the rig the building for demolition on 9/11, therefore this had to have been done while the building was still occupied prior to 9/11.

Follow Up

Alex Jones bullhorns Bilderberg Group.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hillary the Hawk

Hillary wants to attack Iran. Why, because they pose a threat to us? No, of course not, because they pose a threat to Israel. See, I told you there was no difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

"A nuclear Iran," she avers, "is a danger to Israel, to its neighbors and beyond" – an interesting order of priorities, to say the least. She doesn't bother making any explicit connection between the pursuit of American interests and this relentless campaign to demonize the Iranians: it is enough that Tehran poses a potential threat to Israel. For Clinton, that alone is reason enough to go to war.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Bilderberg Group

The world's political elite, top thinkers and powerful business folk gathered in Ottawa for an annual, ultra-secretive Bilderberg conference as heavy security kept conspiracy theorists and curious onlookers at bay. Global luminaries such as former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, US banker David Rockefeller and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands were greeted at the airport by limousine drivers holding single-letter "B" signs late Thursday, said local reports.

Alex Jones (from Austin) and his team were detained by Canadian immigration on orders of the Bilderberg Group for a 15 hour nightmare of interrogation, accusations and threats of arrests in anticipation of the conference in Ottawa which starts today.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Dangerous Servant and Fearful Master

If the Founding Fathers were to come back, I doubt if they would recognize the United States today. Oh, they wouldn't be surprised by its size or its population or its technological progress. They expected that and encouraged it.

What would disturb them is how fond Americans have become of government. They would be disturbed at how we have allowed politicians and judges to turn the Constitution into an excuse instead of a restraint. They would be uneasy about the large standing army we have maintained since the end of World War II. And they would certainly disapprove of our foreign policy, which can only be described as imperialistic.

The Founding Fathers were suspicious of government and wary of it. They recognized that government is always the greatest threat to liberty. George Washington likened government to fire – "a dangerous servant and a fearful master." The whole purpose of the Constitution they devised was to keep the government divided and weak...

It's Hard to Tell

My left-leaning friends – and right-leaning ones, too, for that matter – get terribly riled up when I trot out the old libertarian line that, from our perspective, it's hard to tell a Republican from a Democrat.

What blue-staters and red-staters have in common – and it is a much stronger bond than the petty details of tyranny which divide them so publicly – is a love of dictatorship, a belief that if only their guys were in power all the same terrible methods developed to control people for all the wrong reasons could be turned to the service of Triumphant Good. The very reason for the red-state/blue-state bitterness is that they are fighting for the exact same prize – the control of millions of people's lives. Those who fight for freedom stand against both of these groups...

The proper question of politics is not whether the world vision of red-staters or blue-staters is better or should prevail, but whether any one person or group's world vision should be forced on another person or group. That is the only relevant political question – and to libertarians at least the answer is a loud and clear "NO!"

The vital thing, though, is that freedom is the only political value we should strive for. Pursuing values other than freedom with the tools of politics leads with absolute certainty – as long as men rule other men – to tyranny, slavery, and dictatorship. That's why, when I look at GWB declaring War-on-Whatever, I see Lyndon Johnson, and FDR, and Stalin and Mao and... well, Big Brother, behind them all.

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Concert for Liberty!

A Concert for Liberty!
June 3rd 2006 -:- Doors open 9PM -:- $10 cover
The Red Eyed Fly
715 Red River, Austin, Texas
Trent Turner & the Moontowers

Lew's Latest

The riots in Kabul are an ominous sign for the US empire. Watch the videos on television. These people are ever more bold. They aren't guerillas operating in private. They are not military people. They are regular citizens rising up against an empire and using every means at their disposal to drive the invader out.

They throw rocks, sticks, and are glad to kill anyone who is tainted with the slightest hint of collaboration, even humanitarian workers and merchants. They walk in daylight, almost hoping for the status of martyrdom. They defy police, military, guns, and tanks. They have a focused demand: the US must leave their country immediately...

The US overthrew the Taliban regime because it had shown sympathy to Osama Bin Laden, even though there was no evidence that the Taliban was involved in 9-11 and no final evidence that Osama was actually the criminal mastermind behind 9-11 (we only know that he wanted the Islamic world to give him credit for the hijacking).

So the US went in, the Taliban scattered, and the US declared victory. In the meantime, the country has completely devolved into tribal-controlled regions, drug production has soared (hey, folks gotta make a living!), the Taliban is on the march, and the US is loathed and hated in every corner of the country.

Talk about US intentions going awry! And do we dare bring up the fact that the US supported the Taliban's formation in the 1980s to oppose the Soviet occupation? That's right, back then we called them freedom fighters.