Thursday, June 15, 2006

Money Wars

An Undeclared War is being waged against your money, wealth, stock, bonds, and physical assets. The war is being fought with disinformation, easy credit, deficit spending, questionable accounting and the primary weapon: fiat currency. The deficits that have occurred since 9/11, about 2 trillion USD, represent roughly 25% percent of all dollar denominated Federal debt since the country began accounting for debt. This deficit financing is the proximate cause of the inflation that wreaks such financial havoc on individual investors over the long run.

The "War on Terror" has now lasted longer than World War II. It will soon have lasted longer than American involvement in both World Wars as active combatants. If we look at it from another perspective it is just another big government program that is actually a war on the taxpayer. The inevitable casualties will be your wealth, your lifetime savings and with those possibly your future.


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