Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day?

We wouldn't need to honor fallen soldiers had our government not sent them off to be killed in far-off lands for no good reason in the first place. The following I found on Lew's Blog.

War in any of its aspects is never something to genuflect before or honor. It is the systematic killing and domination of other human beings who, by the very nature of war, have not been found guilty of a crime beyond being born on one patch of ground and not another. Stop honoring troops who occupy foreign lands by force of arms, who create global instability, and hide behind vicious concepts like patriotism and the need 'to spread 'democracy'.

Hold every U.S. soldier responsible for his or her choice to continue pointing a gun at human beings who are simply trying to live in their own country. Let Iraq solve its own problems as every nation must.


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