Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Genocide - U.S. Style

Or is it only genocide when other countries do it? The following is from Lew's latest column.

...more than one million people have been murdered in Iraq since the US invasion, according to the ORB.

Americans think they are bringing freedom to Iraq, but the data indicate that we are only bringing suffering and death...

It was the US that turned this country into a killing field. Why won’t we face this? Why won't we take responsibility? The reason has to do with this mysterious thing called nationalism, which makes an ideological religion of the nation's wars. We are god-like liberators. They are devil-like terrorists. No amount of data or contrary information seems to make a dent in this irreligious faith. So it is in every country and in all times. Here is the intellectual blindness that war generates.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Let Us Mind Our Own Business

by Charlie Reese

I have a rifle, a shotgun and a few rounds of ammunition locked away in my gun safe. Should I learn that enemy soldiers are landing on the beach, I will hobble down to the dunes and kill as many of them as I can before they kill me.

That being said, as long as foreign folk stay on their side of the border, I don't give a birdie's tweet what they do or say or think. We should drop the motto "In God We Trust" and adopt a new one, "Let Us Mind Our Own Business."