Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Why Are Democrats Also Responsible For This War?

Because most of them voted for it. Regardless of what you think of him, PJB knows politics in Washington as well as anyone. In this article he predicts what will soon divide the Democratic Party, the war.

" The Democrats' dilemma is hellish. If this war ends successfully, Republicans get the credit. If it ends badly, Bush will be gone, but antiwar Democrats will be blamed for having cut and run, for losing the war and for the disastrous consequences in the Persian Gulf and Arab world."


Blogger This is how I called it said...

kucinich didn't vote for the war but it took balls not to....everyone was so hell bent on vengeance at the time...and critical thinking was frowned upon more so than ever. i don’t agree that the left sees this mom grieving for her son as some sort of just humanizes what’s going on is all. i seriously doubt they will run hillary...they wouldn't take that risk right now in my opinion.

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