Saturday, July 30, 2005

Speaking of Liberty

From the back of the book:

"The longtime emphasis of the old liberal tradition with regard to war is this: even the victor loses. We lose resources. We lose tax dollars. We lose trading relationships and goodwill around the world. Most of all, we lose freedom. And herein lies the biggest cost of war to us, for there is no way that the US can maintain a free market that is the foundation of prosperity while at the same time attempting to create a global military central plan. Big government abroad is incompatible with small government at home. To the extent we cheer war, we are cheering domestic socialism and our eventual destruction as a civilization." Lew Rockwell

BIG GOVERNMENT ABROAD IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH SMALL GOVERNMENT AT HOME. Sorry I just had to repeat that b/c it's so important. War is almost always just another big government project. Once people who believe in smaller government realize this, hopefully they will stop supporting the people who make government bigger and bigger.


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