Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Prophetic "Isolationists"

In terms of forecasting, it has been the "isolationists" who have been way more accurate than the "they’ll throw roses at our feet" hawks who stubbornly refuse to ever admit that perhaps they were wrong.

No, the answer is not to sit in a corner and suck our thumbs, and at least those of us Right-Libertarian "isolationists" are not really isolationists at all. We’ve never once promoted the idea of withdrawing from the world. That charge is patently false and dishonest. We simply believe that giving a people a taste of the free-market, the spread of wealth, the freedom of ideas, trade, etc. are more effective in changing countries than socialistic wars that destroy wealth, destroy lives, hinder free trade, and inflame global hatred. And, sorry Randians, I would add to that spiritual revival, though many of my Christian friends who still apparently haven’t shed the old medieval crusader mindset seem to be more infatuated with the idea of WWJB (Who Would Jesus Bomb) than WWJD.

We believe as George Washington did. No entangling alliances, war with none if possible, and trade with all. The United States is indeed a great country and instead of being viewed internationally as a belligerent schoolyard bully, we should use our power, wealth, influence, and ideas to promote trade, peace and stability. I understand that these are hippy words to the "realists" who believe that protectionist sanctions and destructive wars are the only way to change society, but we see what a truly great job they’ve done since the end of World War II and how they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge reality in the present.


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