Monday, February 20, 2006

Oops, Our Mistake...

Should be the federal government's motto according to Charlie Reese. I tend to agree. If you want something screwed up, just put the government in charge.

I often liken government to a mentally retarded giant. It is immensely powerful but basically incapable of doing any but the simplest of tasks.

Laissez-faire government is not only the best form of government, it is essential, because once you ask government to do more than guard the coast and deliver the mail, it will start messing up.

Read the Constitution. It was written to be understood by common, ordinary people. Lawyers didn't have a stranglehold on the country in those days. Read it and you will plainly see that the federal government was to play a very limited role in governance. James Madison, one of its authors, said that in time of peace, the federal role would be about 5 percent.

The Founding Fathers gave us laissez faire at home and isolationism abroad. We have abandoned both and, alas, are paying the price for doing so. Just remember, republics sing and empires suck.


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