Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lew and the Liberty Dollar

Just an interesting tidbit about the last post. A very similar article appeared on lewrockwell.com recently minus the mention of the Liberty Dollar. For some reason, Lew will never mention the Liberty Dollar on his website. There appears to be some beef between Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the Liberty Dollar, and Lew Rockwell for some reason. The following is how Morgan Reynolds ended his article that appeared on LRC, obviously trying to mention the Liberty Dollar without actually using those words:

Where would you rather do business? In a country with paper money issued by Greenspan or Bernanke, backed by nothing, or a country with no central bank where money is silver and gold coins, silver and gold warehouse receipts 100% redeemable in silver and gold, and electronic digits 100% redeemable in silver and gold? That should not be a tough question to answer.


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