Tuesday, July 12, 2005

F Live 8

I say we don't give Africa a dime. No foreign government should receive money from the American taxpayer. If you want to send your hard-earned money to some African dictator, go for it.

Dr. Ron Paul is a genius and is my personal pick for the next Supreme Court Justice, not that he's in the running. I'm glad he agrees with me on this one. Check out his latest article, What Should America Do For Africa?

"The president is promising money we don’t have to solve a problem we didn’t cause. Americans have the freedom to do everything in their power to alleviate African suffering, whether by donating money or working directly in impoverished nations. But government-to-government foreign aid doesn’t work, and it never has. We should stop kidding ourselves and ignore the emotionalist pleas of rock stars. Suffering in Africa cannot be helped by delusional, feel-good government policies."


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