Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm not a huge fan of this website b/c I prefer LewRockwell.com, but this interview with Justin Raimondo, the gay founder of the website is pretty good. See what he has to say about Alex Jones.

Antiwar.com — along with Counterpunch, LewRockwell.com and Infowars — are among the best Libertarian sources of news and opinion on the Internet. Have you ever been in the same room with Cockburn, Rockwell and Jones?
I wouldn’t call Counterpunch a Libertarian website: Cockburn is a leftist, albeit an unconventional one. As for Alex Jones, he is crazy; there’s no two ways about it, and I would never appear on his radio program. He holds that Al Qaeda is a CIA front, that Osama bin Laden doesn’t exist, and that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11 were directed by Mysterious Forces In Our Own Government — yeah, right! Whatever he’s smoking, I don’t even want to take a single hit of it! I love LewRockwell.com, of course: It’s the leading “movement” Libertarian web site. And, yes, I’ve been in the same room with both Lew and Alex Cockburn: at the first Antiwar.com national conference, held some years ago, which both attended and spoke at. I’ve known Lew for many years, and I’ve known Cockburn for about five years. Both are great guys: I’ve never met Alex Jones, and if I can avoid meeting him I certainly will continue our non-acquaintance.


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