Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The 4th of July

Today, many fail to understand not only the purpose of government, they fail to realize that those "certain unalienable Rights" are not simple things that have been granted by the government or the Constitution. According to Michael Badnarik, "Nothing could be further from the truth! Rights are only enumerated in the Constitution for the purpose of warning government not to infringe upon them. Rights cannot be "granted" by the Constitution or anything else. If someone or something "grants" you something, then it is only a privilege."

right: A power, privilege, faculty, or demand, inherent in one person and incident upon another. Generally defined as "powers of free action". Something that you have the sovereign authority to do because there is no higher authority to seek permission from.

privilege: A particular and peculiar benefit or advantage enjoyed by a person, company, or class, beyond the common advantages of other citizens. A peculiar right, advantage, exemption, power, franchise, or immunity held by a person or class, not generally possessed by others. A temporary authority granted to you by someone of higher power.

Dr. Ron Paul:
As we celebrate the 231st anniversary of our nation’s birth, I hope every person who reads or hears this will take the time to go back and read the Declaration of Independence. Only by recapturing the spirit of independence can we ensure our government never resembles the one from which the American States declared their separation.


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