Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More on The Chronicles of Narnia

In his most recent article, Anthony Gregory ties in Christian/Libertarian Just War Theory with the popular new movie. It's worth the read.

Every once in a while, a new film comes out that explores themes of good and evil, of sin and virtue, of eternal conflict and universal values....

As Laurence Vance has made exceedingly clear, the U.S. war in Iraq fails the just war test. The U.S. war in Iraq is an aggressive war. The U.S. is the aggressor nation. Aggressive war is a war crime. War itself is a war crime, unless when conducted purely defensively against an invasive or oppressive power and with total deference to the rights of civilians and neutrals. Even a just war is not glorious; it is an enormity. C.S. Lewis’s war is not portrayed as a glorious way to stomp around the world spreading freedom, but as a calamitous event even when undertaken in defense of life and liberty.


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