Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Firefox 1.5

I pity the fool who is still using Internet Explorer. If you don't know what tabbed browsing is, you haven't surfed the web yet bro. Take two minutes of your time and download Firefox 1.5, you'll never use IE again.

The following is from Jeffrey Tucker's latest column.

One computer I found was six weeks old, and the IE browser had already been hijacked some 5 times. It once again underscores the most important thing that any windows users should do immediately: download Firefox and never again open IE unless you absolutely have to (and sometimes you do).

Why Microsoft spends untold billions on X-boxes and new software and online this and that, but can't seem to put out a decent and safe browser, is a mystery I can'’t fathom. Their browser remains the number one most dangerous threat you face to the value of your computer.


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