Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Buyer's Remorse

"Wait until we control Congress and then we'll finally be able to reduce the size of the federal government," is what most Republicans believed. Well it didn't quite work out that way. You guys got control and look what happened. You increased the size of the government far more than the Democrats could have ever dreamed, albeit in a different direction than the Democrats would have liked.

Following are a few observations from the article, Neocon, Interrupted by Steven LaTulippe

How does one explain our Middle East war to a foreigner? Most of us probably cannot even explain it to ourselves. Do we Americans really understand how and why we invaded Iraq?

How does one explain the fact that President Bush (unsuccessfully) nominated his personal lawyer -– a woman with no judicial experience and no particular expertise in constitutional law -– to be the next justice on the Supreme Court?

How does one explain the fact that former CIA director George Tenet, who ran the agency during the two most colossal intelligence failures in American history (9/11 and the Iraqi WMDs), sailed off into retirement with great acclaim and was subsequently decorated by President Bush with a Medal of Freedom?

How does one explain the fact that former FEMA director Michael Brown -– who oversaw the most inept relief effort in American history -– is still on FEMA'’s payroll as a "consultant"? (What useful information could FEMA possibly get from his consultations? Is he lending his expertise on how to bureaucratically gum-up relief efforts so as to maximize the body count?)

How does one explain that the man nominated to replace Alan Greenspan as Fed Chairman believes that dropping money from helicopters is a reasonable monetary policy for fighting deflation?


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