Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lew's Response

From his blog:

Consistent libertarianism is incomprehensible to state partisans. And so I'm the subject of a funny expose on FrontPage Magazine.

Really, there is nothing too complicated about why the left today looks better than the right (and its unthinking defense of Bush): the right holds the balance of federal power and the left doesn't. It's the flipside of the 1990s, when the Republicans attacked Clinton's foreign policy for its nation-building, overrearch, democratic imperialism, etc. while the left warmed up to the domestic and international uses of the armed forces.

It's all about power. Libertarianism stands against power. (By the way, thanks to Mr. Laksin for digging up a younger, skinnierphoto of me! Thanks also to Alec E. for the link.)


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